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LMA: Tell us a little about your artistic background:

Julie: I have a Bachelor of Architecture and I’m self-taught as an artist.


LMA: Do you have any professional art training?

Julie: In Architecture I learned basic design principles that translate across the board. I also developed a good sense when it comes to constructive critiques. Back then, I took as many art classes as I could, including figure drawing, photography, and ceramics. More recently I’ve taken ceramics again, color theory, painting, stained glass, online mosaic classes and University of YouTube for many art related topics.


Natalia by Julie Mazzoni


LMA: How long have you been creating mosaic, art, etc?

Julie: I made my first mosaic in 2009. Back then I worked on one piece at a time. Now I always have multiple projects in the works.


LMA: What about mosaics resonates with you?

Julie: The connection to the past and the lasting power of the medium. It is fascinating to see ancient mosaics still getting discovered and unearthed. There is also no denying the allegory with life that they hold, with all its intricate little pieces and beauty in the parts as well as the whole. And lastly, I think the tactile nature of the process resonates with me.


LMA: What is your favorite part of the mosaic process?

Julie: Working with various material is my favorite part.


 Empty Nest by Julie Mazzoni


LMA: Do you have a favorite subject matter? What is it?

Julie: I am drawn to figures that are self-reflective or thoroughly engaged in an activity that brings them peace and joy– the relaxed yet attentive body language speaks to me. I have only done a handful, but will likely be making more.


 Glory by Julie Mazzoni


LMA: Where do you find inspiration for subject matter?

Julie: Nature, gardens, the classroom, exhibitions, looking at other mediums and artists online, music, my family, my dreams, my memories, history, materials and science. I enjoy running and hiking and the freedom of being disconnected they provide. It gives me time to wonder and think.


LMA: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of mosaics?

Julie: Deciding which project merits my time. If I’ve had a challenging week, or am tired, I will usually work on a smaller “fun” project that requires less creative brain power. Thus, I make plenty of what I call “smalls.” This includes pendants and crafty type mosaics. They are a therapeutic way to relax for me. I try to make 3-4 challenging personal mosaics (non-commissioned) per year to push myself and scratch that itch to create and try new things.


Mandalas by Julie Mazzoni


LMA: Tell us a little about your studio and attach a photo or 2 of your studio space.

Julie: Yikes. My studio is in my home and currently in transition. Most of my storage is in my garage, but I enjoy the climate control inside my home. I am currently (over the past year) slowly reorganizing the entire thing and purging materials that I likely won’t use in order to create a more streamlined and efficient work space.


LMA: Who are your top 3 favorite artists or top 3 most influential artists in your work?

Julie: I’m going to stick with mosaic artists and say Sonia King, Guilio Menossi, and Mia Tavanatti. Of course, there are many more.


Bluebird Fountain by Julie Mazzoni





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