Mexican Smalti - MS-39
Mexican Smalti - MS-39
Mexican Smalti - MS-39

Mexican Smalti - MS-39

Sold in 1/4 lb. bag

Perdomo Mexican Smalti
Variations in colors are normal. The unique quality about Mexican smalti is that the front and back are slightly different colors.  One side of the smalti is glossy while the other side has texture and variation of colors.  Some are more subtle then other colors.  


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Average size: 5/8 x 5/8"  
Average thickness: 3/16"
Each piece is hand-cut causing the size and thickness to vary.
Coverage: 2.5 - 3 lbs will cover 1 sq ft, if you place the piece up against each other. Make sure to order enough once it's gone we may not be able to get the exact same color again. 
Color Batch: When you see B2, B3, B4 in the drop-down it means that according to Perdomo it's the same color but when we saw the new shipment of smalti next to the older one, we saw a slight difference in color. So if you are ordering the B2 color for the first time, it won't matter, but if you are reordering, it lets you know it's the same color but slightly different then what you ordered before. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't.