Meep Meep! - Handmade Ceramic tiles

Meep Meep! - Handmade Ceramic tiles

6.5" x 5" tile

CB Ceramics : These ceramic tiles were hand created by artist Cherie Bosela.  They are made on a whim, so you may not see these shapes or patterns for awhile.  These are great to use with glass, smalti and tiles.  They will look awesome included in any mosaic creation!

*tiles in photos are the actual tiles you will receive. 

Color, size and thickness may vary due to each piece being handmade.
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Average thickness: 1/8" - 3/8"  - Each piece is run through a slab roller. The texture is rolled onto the clay causing the different thickness
Color: blue grey with hints of dark blue, brown and tan
Texture: Road Runner - texture created & carved by Donna Van Hooser
Finish: Glossy
Usage: They can be used for indoor and outdoor unless outdoor during a hard freeze. They are mid-fire clay, fired to cone 5.  
Custom Orders: Custom colors and sizes available. Contact us for any special requests. Depending on size of the custom order, please allow 2-8 weeks.