Grab Bag - Handmade Ceramic tiles
Grab Bag - Handmade Ceramic tiles

Grab Bag - Handmade Ceramic tiles

CB Ceramics : These ceramic tiles were hand created by artist Cherie Bosela.  They are made on a whim, so you may not see these shapes or patterns for awhile.  These are great to use with glass, smalti and tiles.  They will look awesome included in any mosaic creation!

This is a grab bag of random sizes and shapes of tiles. These are NOT rejects. 

*tiles in photos may not be the actual tiles you receive. 

Color, size and thickness may vary due to each piece being handmade.

~scroll down for more info about the tiles ~

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Number of pieces: 4oz. approx. 15-25pcs |  8oz. approx. 30-50pcs  
# of pieces vary due to the different sizes.
Size of tiles: vary between 1/2" - 2"
Average thickness: 1/8" - 1/4" 
Each piece is hand-cut and hand rolled causing the thickness to vary.
Color: variety 
Texture: variety 

Finish: variety 
Usage: Indoor.  They are mid-fire clay, fired to cone 5.  Can be used outside if there is no freezing temps.