Turquoise Blue Transparent Bullseye Glass
Turquoise Blue Transparent

Turquoise Blue Transparent

Bullseye Glass
Color: Turquoise Blue Transparent
Size: 5 x 5 inches
Thickness: 3 mm
Coefficient of Expansion (COE): 90
Striker: No
Made in the USA

*first photo is taken by Luna Mosaic Arts - laid flat on a surface - 1/2 of the piece of glass is on a black and white photo. This way you can see the transparency of the glass. And the other 1/2 is laid on a white background. We felt the need to take the photos as you would use them in a mosaic. Most stained glass retailers show the pieces back-lit.  We didn't want you to be surprised when you received the glass.

*second/third photo is from Bullseye Glass - we assume these photos were take back-lit, which is why the colors between the photos appear to be different colors. It's also shows the glass if you were to fuse it.


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