Piece by Piece: the Art of Mosaic

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The FIRST all mosaic art exhibit in Orlando, Florida  

Mosaic is one of the oldest forms of art and has made a considerable resurgence in the past decade. No longer reserved for floors or the walls of holy places, mosaics have become a dynamic and nearly all inclusive form of creative expression! Both 2D and 3D works will be featured in this groundbreaking exhibition of contemporary mosaic art. Artists from across the United States, as well as local artists, will show their works from fine art to functional.  

Come see what we see and you too will know why mosaic art is one of the fastest growing art forms!

Piece by Piece: the Art of Mosaic
December 17, 2015 - January 15, 2016
CityArts Factory - Gallery 29
29 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
Opening Reception - December 17, 2015 6-9p

Participating Artists

Cherie Bosela - "The Guardian"
"The Guardian"

Cherie Bosela

Orlando, Florida
Curator and artist  
Cherie Bosela has always been fascinated by the variety of colors and shapes found in nature.
She enjoys capturing these aspects of nature through photography. Her artistic vision takes it a step further creating vibrant colorful mosaics using stained glass, beads, millefiori and her original photography under the glass.  Her award winning mosaic artwork has been included in exhibits at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, Mayor’s Gallery in Orlando’s City Hall and Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX to name a few.  Her work has been published in magazines and books.  In 2014, she joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists Board of Trustees and has been a member since 2011.
studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

Robyn Abrams - "To Honor Ganesh"
"To Honor Ganesh"

Robyn Abrams

Old Tappan, New Jersey
Former elementary school teacher and self-taught artist, Robyn painted murals, residential interiors, and oil on canvas. Just eight years ago when she began her mosaic journey, Robyn found a creative spirit within and a wonderful artistic community that shared her passion.  She truly believes that if you dream it, you can do it! Because mixed media mosaics incorporate such diverse materials, the possibilities are endless.

Kathy Alpert - "Lola Latte"
"Lola Latte"

Kathy Alpert

I have hands that have to craft. I have always been creating something arty...weaving, painting, fusing glass, stained glass, jewelry making and mosaics. If I can't teach myself, then I take a class to learn the basics and fly from there. When I get an idea in my head, I'm blessed enough to get it out through my hands to reality. I enjoy seeing the smiles people get when they see my art.

Linda Biggers - "Moonlight Dancers"
"Moonlight Dancers"

Linda Biggers

Broadalbin, New York
As long as I can remember, art has been an important part of my life. As a child, I spent every spare minute drawing or painting. In 1998, I discovered eggshell and mixed media mosaic. Mosaic became my medium of choice. With the use of glass, eggshell, natural stone and slate, I am able to create works with the color and intense drama that I enjoy. I love texture, brilliant colors and creating pieces that will evoke feelings and emotions to the viewer.


linda billet - “these are a few (of my favorite things)”
“these are a few (of my favorite things)”

linda billet

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
For me, it’s all about the glass.  I love playing with glass and if I am not doing that, I am thinking about doing it.   Making tiles is as much fun as assembling them and I like that to be evident in my finished pieces.  I use the texture and dimension that is inside the glass as well as on its front and back surfaces so you can see INTO my work.  I pick up ideas from everywhere.  A lot of my work is just a loose interpretation of a building, a bug or fabric print that I saw somewhere.  Mosaic is the only way I can combine all the elements I want to see in my work.

Rebecca Collins - "Artificial Pollinator #2"
"Artificial Pollinator #2"

Rebecca Collins

Dallas, Texas
Rebecca Collins is a mixed media artist.
Rebecca’s journey into the world of fine art mosaic has allowed her to combine her digital skills with a profound love of collage, paint, and drawing. She has developed a unique style of working making full use of this versatility. Her ability to move back and forth between traditional media and current digital technology gives her mosaic work a contemporary edge while maintaining the textural richness inherent in mosaic. Rebecca received her B.F.A. from The University of North Texas. Rebecca is married to a poet and together they play and create in their little east Dallas bungalow beset by three wild terriers.

Susan Crocenzi - "Party at the Prayer Flag House"
"Party at the Prayer Flag House"

Susan Crocenzi

Sacramento, California
Susan is an internationally recognized contemporary mosaic artist. Her work has been in many exhibits, most notably the prestigious Mosaic Art International (San Diego and Chicago), and in several mosaic-related books, as well as the cover of a college textbook. She’s traveled the globe teaching her unique techniques and contributing to large-scale public mosaic installations

Chris Emmert - "Treehouse"

Chris Emmert

Eugene, Oregon
Chris Emmert is a self-taught, mixed media artist currently working extensively in Mosaic. Throughout her lifetime of creativity there is one prevailing thread in all of her creations – the Integration of the Found Object. Working with a wide array of materials, Chris has developed a unique style all her own.

Pris Ewing - "Adventureland"

Pris Ewing

Ramsey, New Jersey and Celebration, Florida
I am a self-taught Outsider Artist with no formal art education nor childhood exposure to art due to living in remote locations.  I create mosaic art to please myself and many times the materials, textures, and colors used in my mosaics reflect my mood and feelings at the time.

Pamela Goode - "My Life as a Hill"
"My Life as a Hill"

Pamela Goode

Charlotte, North Carolina
For me, art is an opportunity to capture a pivotal moment of epiphany that can’t be adequately expressed in words. Through whimsy and color, my goal is to transcend the subject at hand and go straight for the heart to bring a sense of joy, wonder, or peace to viewers.

Jacki Gran - "Esmeralda"

Jacki Gran

Miami, Florida
Jacki Gran is a mosaic artist living in Miami, Fl. She is President of the SAMA Board of Trustees and she has been a SAMA member since 2004. Her art has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the country, most notably The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA and The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, AZ and she has been a featured artist on HGTV. She was co-owner of Art Effects Party Decorations, planning personal and corporate special events and has spent 35 years volunteering with non-profits including the Zoological Society of South Florida, Miami Children's Hospital Foundation and currently the South Florida Epilepsy Foundation. Jacki is married 36 years to Bernard and they have three grown children. She loves creating and collecting art, cooking, traveling and most of all family and friends.

"Ponder This" by Sally Kinsey
"Ponder This"

Sally Kinsey

Greenwood, Indiana
The diversity in substrates, materials, subjects and styles of mosaics has kept me interested in this art form longer than any other I have studied or practiced. For the past eight years I have created mosaics part time, on and off. I recently sold my online mosaic supply business to pursue creating full time. Some of the materials I currently use are glass, ceramics, beads, shell, ball chain and any other thing that strikes my fancy at the time. Sometimes I think the inspiration for my mosaics find me rather than the other way around. It is my goal to express the inspiration in a way that emotion be evoked by the viewers no matter how small or how deep, how happy or how sad.

"Tree with Ammonites" by Treena Kaye
"Tree with Ammonites"

Treena Kaye

Sanford, Florida
Treena Kaye, retired public interest interest attorney, has lived in Sanford, Florida since 1977.  She shares studio space at Sugar Skull Artz in Orlando. She is drawn to Day of the Dead images and native american art.  Her mosaics use color, texture and mixed media to bring her visions to life.

studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

Robin Marks
Robin Marks

Robin Marks

Longwood, Florida
Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, free-spirited Florida Native Robin Marks blends the macabre and hauntingly beautiful mix of vintage, found and re-purposed materials as her medium of choice and will lure those with eccentric taste and fun at heart to walk a crooked mile.
studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

Krystie Rose Millich - "Reach of the Sacred Heart"
"Reach of the Sacred Heart"

Krystie Rose Millich

Denver, Colorado
Krystie Rose Millich is an award-winning mixed media mosaic artist who creates original and custom mosaic artwork for individuals, residences, businesses, and public art settings.  Her art is informed by a great love for the vibrant, colorful art palettes of the world, especially in Mexican art, imagery, and folklore as well as the colors of India and its art.

Gloria Morales
Gloria Morales

Gloria Morales

Orlando, Florida
Gloria Morales, a retired general dentist that lives with her family in Orlando, FL. Since 1993. She became interested in mosaic art a few years ago and started sharing studio space with other artists. Currently you can find her at Sugar Skull Art Studio on Virginia Dr. "Mosaic art is therapy to me, most of my pieces have been donate to help local institutions like Morning Star School and The Grady Bishop Villas. Through my art l hope to continue to help these and other institutions that are near and dear to my heart".
studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

Eve Oberst - "Space Case"
"Space Case"

Eve Oberst

Naples, FL
Eve is a self taught artist and creative nonconformist living in Naples, Florida. She uses stained glass, broken ceramic and polymer clay to breathe life into her colorful artworks, which are inspired by her love of the unusual.

Michele Petno - "Annalisa"

Michele Petno

Michele Petno, a self-taught mosaic artist from Orlando,  is passionate about mosaic art.
Michele finds that mosaic art lends itself to hundreds of materials with no limits beyond her imagination.  “With a limited palette, mosaic moves me to create illusions of color and the materials
offer textures and shadows that I find exhiliarating.”

Gila Rayberg - "Lost in Thought"
"Lost in Thought"

Gila Rayberg

Pensacola, Florida
Gila Rayberg's current body of work focuses on human expression thru portraiture.  While depicting a subject’s features somewhat realistically, she attempts to further express personality and mood with vibrant color, undulating textures, unexpected patterns & the use of everyday materials.  Combining a variety of techniques and materials in a single work, she strives to stir emotion, making the viewer want to reach out & touch.

"Spoke" by Flair Robinson

Flair Robinson

Telluride, Colorado
Flair Robinson is a mixed media and mosaic artist working primarily with ceramic tile, hand-cut glass, and recycled materials. She is informally educated, collecting knowledge from the traditional to the unusual, and is most influenced by visionary, self-taught and outsider art.
Robinson is a colorist, and is fascinated by the endless combinations of varying hues.  She is most interested in colors found in early American folk art, vintage road signs and advertising, particularly those from the 1940’s -1960’s.
Robinson works intuitively and viscerally. Many of her creative concepts come to her in her dreams.

Donna Van Hooser - "Rico"

Donna Van Hooser

Goodyear, Arizona
I love working in mosaic, especially dealing with the challenges and limitations of the materials. The glass must be carefully chosen from a limited palette, since colors cannot be mixed, and each piece must serve as an individual brushstroke working in harmony with the surrounding pieces.

"Gone Fishin' " by Lou Ann Weeks
"Gone Fishin' "

Lou Ann Weeks

Orlando, FL
Mosaics have been my passion now for 15 years.  I have been fortunate in having opportunities to create some of Florida’s largest mosaics. Many are public art pieces and many are owned by private collectors. I am a member of SAMA and teach mosaics through educational videos.

Janis Nunez - "Tree of Dreams"
"Tree of Dreams"

Janis Nunez

Orlando, Florida
I started creating mosaics as a self taught artist in 2009. In 2011 I participated in an Intensive Workshop in the School of Mosaics in Ravenna, Italy.  Almost all my work reflects my Mexican heritage, from the mix of colors to the meaningful representation of the Day of the Dead and sugar skulls. I like to work with an eclectic array of materials in combination with glass. Mosaic takes me into a constant search for balance and harmony between textures and thoughts, colors and feelings. For me, creativity and self expression has no limits.
studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

"BOrocks!" by Sandra M. Groeneveld

Sandra M. Groeneveld

Montverde, Florida
Studying ancient works has been fundamental to my learning the language of mosaic. As I build my own body of work, the discipline of these techniques become second nature, allowing my own voice and style to come through. Whether working in glass or stone, I want the expressiveness of the underlying drawing to remain visible.


"In The Beginning" by Linda Kunz
"In The Beginning"

Linda Kunz
Orlando, Florida
I was trained in stained glass over 30 years ago and became the studio custom work designer. I started doing mosaics 3 1/2 years ago.  I enjoy the freedom of the materials that mosaics encompass but I especially love working with stained glass.  My art is to bring together little bits of colored glass to create a visual image that delights the viewer,
studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

"I Would Go There!” - Susan Sullivan
"I Would Go There!”

Susan Sullivan


About three years ago I went for a beginner mosaic class, then 2 more classes before I found the zen of mosaic.  I love Mosaic Art, you can use almost anything to put your mosaic puzzle together.
Most of my pieces come from an emotional place within where I find strength and fun!

studio: Luna Mosaic Arts

CityArts Factory exhibit mosaic Orlando Piece by Piece

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